Why Silver Lake?

Dione Neutra enjoying the view
Dione Neutra enjoying the view of Silver Lake

In the book of love letters and family letters that Dione Neutra translated and published, there is a letter that describes the selection of this site.
At the time they lived in a rented house not far away, near Elysian Park.
The couple were looking for a place near downtown for Neutra's office, yet also wanted a site with a beautiful view.
Silver Lake Boulevard was already a convenient and major thoroughfare.  It also provided a wonderful view of the reservoir, the hills, and the mountains beyond. 
It was a community influenced by the nearby movie studios, a place where the artistically-oriented technicians of the industry liked to live. 
You may also find out more about modern architecture in Silver Lake at http://archiportal.freebaseapps.com/.